Prevent the Costly Environmental Impacts of Oil Spills

Add Well Site Guard to Your Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy.

Since public interest in environmental events has increased in recent years, Well Site Guard supports your environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues from every angle.

ESG strategy is a component of management that directly impacts your business,  as investors and stock purchasers scrutiny is increasing daily, getting it right links to higher value creation

The handling of oilfield waste and reclamation while protecting ground and surface water is more than an expenditure. If handled without care and compliance, there may be additional regulatory fines, labor costs and reputation-management challenges.

Oilfield waste is any unwanted mixture of substances generated at any stage of a well site’s life cycle, from construction to reclamation. 

Oil Spill Containment

Well Site Guard simplifies all aspects of leak and spill containment through superior wellhead protection.

  • Oil and gas industry wastes, which may contain petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, naturally occurring radioactive materials, salts and toxic chemicals, can pollute soil and prevent growth of vegetation.
  • Produced water, which may contain high concentrations of salts and other contaminants, can kill plants and sterilize soils.
  • Contaminants that enter the soil do not necessarily stay there. They can seep down and contaminate groundwater or release into the air.

Well Site Guard units capture fluids leaking past the packing members of the stuffing box. The basin has a standard float switch or optional ultrasonic switch that will shut down pumping unit when the basin reservoir is full.

What We Do

We provide a spill containment unit that installs in 10 to 20 minutes with minimal interference with online production. You can implement Well Site Guard with existing monitoring systems, so your operator team can move to scheduled maintenance instead of reactive risk intervention.

We believe we are part of the solution to address the challenges facing our industry

We innovate with input from customers, operators and regulators to provide a product that reduces your costs, reduces your financial risks and supports your environmental stewardship strategy today

Benefits to You

  • Eliminate costs of well stuffing box leakage and spill cleanup
  • Enhance your environmental stewardship strategy
  • Increase on-site operator safety
  • Comply with all environmental regulations
  • Monitor wellhead more efficiently

Reclamation Planning

Reclamation planning starts at the beginning of the oil or natural gas well development life cycle. It is necessary to have a plan in place to address events as they happen and action items once the spill is contained. The Well Site Guard containment unit can provide the first critical step in your plan.

In recent years, environmental management of legacy oil and gas assets has become a major focus for industry and government stakeholders. We have an extensive inventory of well sites and facilities at or nearing the end of their productive lives, meaning efficiently removing that infrastructure and reclaiming the land is important.  Pro-active prevention of ground contamination now reduces cleanup and reclamation costs in the $10’s of thousands of dollars.

What We Do

By enclosing the stuffing box we capture oil and produced water that escapes during a normal production cycle, reducing unscheduled maintenance.

Well Site Guard shortens oilfield waste reclamation time and effort. With added efficiency, your team can put a plan in place to react to events faster with minimum on-site confusion.

Using Well Site Guard promotes less operator man hours, reduced third- party steam truck, vacuum truck and offsite hauling and disposal costs.

Together, we can achieve the vision of being the global leaders in producing clean hydrocarbon energy from source to end use.

Benefits to You

  • Spend less time offline reclaiming oil & produced waste
  • Resume production faster
  • Improve reclamation team coordination
  • Realistically reduce ongoing related operational expense by 80% annually
  • Clean resources are crucial to your prosperity
  • While extracting value faces many challenges, use of innovation has been and will continue to be a powerful enabler of profitable solutions


To protect ground and surface water and meet environmental regulations, we design Well Site Guard to maximize stuffing box leakage and critical spill contamination. The ripple effects of this proactive containment can be experienced post-event for a considerable time.

Key Takeaways 

  • The oil and gas sector faces heavy scrutiny regarding environmental issues, such as air and water quality and offshore regulation.
  • The Clean Air Act impacts the drilling industry with the overall aim of the act to reduce harmful emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • OSHA regulates worker safety by establishing rules and standards for working conditions, including specific guidelines for drilling and production.

Benefits to You

  • Peace of mind knowing the impacts of events are minimized
  • Confidence in reporting events to environmental agencies
  • Improved ability to control post-event messaging to the public and media
  • Reduced regulatory fines
  • ESG initiatives can unlock competitive value
  • Proactive stance on Environmental and Social Governance can keep activists at bay

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